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Second youth

A winter in the sun

Winter, spring and the beginning of autumn are the ideal times to get away from the city or from the colder regions and “dive” in the mild climate of the western Italian Riviera.

We have always taken special care for our senior guests, by applying discounted rates for long stays, offering assistance and services for all needs and why not, to have a nice chat all together!

Nearby, still in Andora, you can find a diagnostic centre and a physiokinesis centre.

Photos of places in Andora, Savona, Liguria Wow!
Photos of places in Andora, Savona, Liguria

Residence services

  • discounted rates for long stays in the winter, spring and autumn
  • 24/7 reception and emergency night service
  • availability of home service of a doctor and a physiotherapist
  • home delivery chemist service
  • organized tours by coach
  • wide hall where to play cards or meet for a chat
  • restaurant: take away service available at discounted prices for apartment stays